Thiravu (The Opening) with Shraddha Theatres
6 September 2019 
Thiravu is a Shraddha initiative to encourage and promote short performances in Theatre to encourage experimentation in a small, informal, free environment. 


Our involvement: Acting 

When Things Fall Apart with JustUs Repertory, Chennai
24 June 2017 at the Alliance Francaise, Chennai
Who is this Drona? What drives a self-made warrior, teacher, and statesman to do great and terrible things by turn? And Drona's wife Kripi? Son Ashwatthama? How do they handle Drona's rise to power  in a treacherous, terrifying world?
These questions haunt JustUs Repertory's When Things Fall Apart, about a triumvirate of lost souls in a crumbling cosmos,  rent apart by the same forces that shatter their world and ours: jealousy, greed, intolerance and lust for power.


Our involvement: Acting (V Balakrishnan)

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