The play


A clash of ideologies;

A struggle between dreams;

The play of power;

And the Power of Faith

mark the rise and fall of Empires.

This is the story of the Mughal Empire as well.


A dynasty that had risen with a Mongol from Central Asia — Babar — ending the Lodi Dynasty at the Battle of Panipat, and had found its glory under the rule of Akbar, fell with the demise of its Sixth Emperor — Abul Muzaffar Muhi-ud-Din Muhammad Aurangzeb.


A pious Muslim, a strong administrator, an astute conqueror, Aurangzeb, is undoubtedly one of the most controversial of the Indian Emperors. The Mughal Empire spanned its largest in his rule, and yet crumbled to pieces post his demise. “One Nation. One Tongue. One Faith.” was the Aurangzeb vision, and his dream was to see an India united by his vision under his able administration.


While different accounts of history can paint this emperor in different shades and perspectives, written by Indira Parthasarathy in 1974 ‘Aurangzeb’ the play objectively recreates the historical milieu that led to the rise and fall of Aurangzeb.


Cast and crew:


Shahjahan: Krishnamurthy

Jahanara: Hemalatha Swaminathan /Sathya

Dara Shukoh: Ganapathy Murugesan

Roshanara: Archna Sharma / Shakthi Ramani

Aurangzeb: Swami

Sultan Mohammad: N Subramanian 

Maulvi /Ghulam Mohammad / Guard: Jai Balaji

Malik Jiwan / Guard: Mano

Islam Khan: Barani

Nizabath Khan / Commander: Karthik Gowrisankar

Zulfiqar: Manorangz Venkat

Khalilullah Khan: Bharani

Bahadur Khan / Guard: Sidharth 

Bodyguard: Aparna

Dancer: Vaasanthi 


Written by: Indira Parthsarathy

Design and Direction: V. Balakrishnan

Assistant Director: Roshini Sridhar  

Costume Design: Neela Krishnamurti

Set execution: A.B. Charles

Producers: Shivaji Chaturvedi, Prema Sadasivam and T.D.Sundarajan

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