Solladi Sivashakti is a performance of eight short stories by eminent Tamil writer Andal Priyadarshini. Centred on the lives of women, the stories delve into the tiniest of her desires, the most subtle of her aspirations and the most mystic of her complexities.

The stories




Sarasu, a married young woman, is brutally raped in a police station. Embarking on a second marriage with a man she hopes will give her a much-needed lease of life; this is her discovery of courage, self- respect and love.


Vaanavil Vaazhkai


How far would a mother go to fulfil her children’s desires? What steps will she undertake to ensure her children get education? This is a story of a mother’s love, a love that destroys boundaries and conventions, and a love that is selfless and fearless.


Thaali Kodiyum Thoppul Kodiyum


A father lies in a coma, lost to the world. His daughter, Janaki, nurses him day in and day out. This is her journey -- of desperation, of loss, of grief and ultimately of the courage that defines her.




Kalyanalakshmi wants to be a mother. But that little detail in her astrological chart makes sure she will never get married. Does one have to be a wife to be a mother?



Rishiyum Manushiyum


She has lost her memory and her ability to think for herself. Will she now be thrown away or nurtured back to good health by her family?


Kadaisi Kadidham


What would God tell us seated in his temple, if only he came to life, if only his idol could speak? This is a story of his thoughts, his conflicts and his decision.


Kalyana Thavam


Rekha wants to get married, experience the pleasure of a husband, two children, a small house and family outings to the beach and the cinema halls. Her friend watches her impatience in amusement. Fate sends a man into her life, but is he destined to be her husband?


Kavidhaiyai Thinru Pasiyaari


A writer caught in abject poverty and a wife who is the wind beneath his wings. But love and poetry cannot satisfy the gnawing pangs of hunger impossible to ignore. The decision is in their hands – to give up or fight on? A story of love, courage and hope for the future.


October 2014 performances


Cast & Crew 

Rajiv Ramasamy, Shakthi Ramani, 

Kiran Kumar, Jai Hari, 

Latha Venkatraman, Vinodhini Vaidynathan,

Prateeksha Chandrasekaran, Sruti Harihara Subramanian.



Meera Sitaraman



Nithya Sivashankar


Dance (choreography & execution)

Sunitta Menghanaani

Vasanthi Ravi


Design & Direction

V Balakrishnan

The author


Andal Priyadarshini wields the power she holds as an author by venturing into territories that are unconventional. Speaking of a woman’s life and cutting a delicate balance between activism and reality, she spins tales that cover an entire gamut of emotions- shame, courage, desire, despair, and helplessness.


The author has been awarded various literary awards, some of which include the Kalaimamani award by the Government of Tamil Nadu in the year 2010, Best Short Story Collection of 2011 by the Government of Tamil Nadu, Paavalar Muthuswamy Award, Vairamuthu Award, KRG Nagappan Rajjammal Award and Tirupur Tamil Sangam Award.


Even after having made powerful strides in the field of literature, she continues to conquer new lands by working in films as a lyricist and script writer.

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