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Dashaanan is a one-act play written by Arun Kukreja. It is a soliloquy of Ravan, the ten-headed demon king of Lanka. It reimagines our understanding of Ravan as an anti-hero. Mythology often attributes all the goodness to the hero and all the evilness to the anti-hero. Dashaanan does not glorify Ravan but allows Ravan to tell his story without the burden of judgement that has always coloured his character. He narrates his side of the story, and questions the ethics of the victory we celebrate where man is pitted against divine forces. He does not seek redemption but creates a dialogue around the righteousness of the epic Ramayana.



Script: Arun Kukreja

Production: Vikas Kyatsandra

Design and Direction: V. Balakrishnnan

Actor: TM Karthik

Musicians: VIshwa Bharath, Srivaralaxmi Maya, Akshay Vaidyanathan

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