The stories


- The Little Match Girl is story about a dying child's dreams and hopes.


- The Ugly Duckling story tells of a homely little bird born in a barnyard who suffers abuse from the others around him until, much to his delight, he matures into a beautiful swan.


- The Steadfast Tin Soldier is about a tin soldier's love for a paper ballerina. After several adventures, the tin soldier perishes in a fire with the ballerina.


- Sunshine Stories is about a story told by the Sunshine to the Rain and Wind.


- The Puppet-Show Man is about a director of a show in which the puppets come alive.


Cast & Crew

Vaishnavi Sundar

Vasudev Menon

Varun Aiyer

Prateeksha Chandrasekaran

Shakthi Ramani



Harish Swaminathan


Technical Support

Kiran Kumar


The author


No collection of fairy tales would be complete without the works of the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. In fact, Andersen's life was like a fairy tale in many ways. Out of the poverty, hardship, and loneliness of his youth, he came to be one of the most honored men of his time. Many of the more than 160 fairy tales he wrote, including "The Ugly Duckling," "The Princess and the Pea," and "The Little Mermaid," have become literary classics enjoyed by children and adults alike.


After his schooling, Andersen spent many years traveling and writing poems, books, and plays, which met with some success. It was not until he was 30 that he wrote any fairy tales. His first small book of fairy tales became popular almost immediately, and from then on his fame grew rapidly, spreading from country to country.


Andersen put many pieces of his own life into his fairy tales. He never forgot that his mother as a young girl had been forced to go begging. This led him to write "The Little Match Girl," a story full of compassion for the unfortunate ones of this Earth. And his own personal experiences are reflected in "The Ugly Duckling," which points out that sometimes the qualities that make you feel lonely, different, and out of place are the very qualities that, when properly used, can make you shine.


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