Urubhangam chronicles the ugly aftermath of War, and in any era, it is devastating to all those who are left behind. Bhasa in his version of post-war Mahabharatha veers towards the Kauravas, their motives, their side of the story. As Baladeva urges Duryodhana to live, as the majestic Dhritarashtra and Gandhari seek their son, as Durjaya runs towards his father, as the bloodthirsty Ashwatthama vows revenge, the Kuru King with the shattered thigh, seeks fulfillment in Death. This is a new adaptation of Bhasa's work that has elements of contemporary and folk dance.

The play premiered in Chennai at the Alliance Francaise of Madras in June 2019 and then travelled to Soorya National Theatre Festival, Trivandrum.

Director: Shakthi Ramani

Choreographer: Vishwa Bharath

Music: Srivaralaxmi 'Maya'

Cast and Crew: V Balakrishnan, Shakthi, Karthik Gowrisankar, Aparna Kumar, Roshini Sridhar, Shivangi Singh, Meera Sitaraman, Niveditha Venkatesan, Adwitha Arumugam, Jeshma Chand and Vishwa Bharath.

Language: English | Duration: 70 minutes | Audience: 12+ years

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