About the play


Solladi Sivashakthi is a performance of four short stories by eminent Tamil writer Andal Priyadarshini. Centred on the lives of women, the stories delve into the tiniest of her desires, the subtlest of her aspirations and the most mystic of her complexities. 


The four stories are: 



Sarasu, a married young woman, is brutally raped in a police station. Embarking on a second marriage with a man she hopes will give her a much-needed lease of life; this is her discovery of courage, self- respect and love.


Vaanavil Vaazhkai

How far would a mother go to fulfil her children’s desires? What steps will she undertake to ensure her children get an education? This is a story of a mother’s love, a love that destroys boundaries and conventions, and a love that is selfless and fearless.


Thaali Kodiyum Thoppul Kodiyum

A father lies in a coma, lost to the world. His daughter, Janaki, nurses him day in and day out. This is her journey -- of desperation, of loss, of grief and ultimately of the courage that defines her.


Kadaisi Kadidham

What would God tell us seated in his temple, if only he came to life if only his idol could speak? This is a story of his thoughts, his conflicts and his decision.

Language: Tamizh | Duration: 65 minutes 



Written by Andal Priyadarshini 

Design and Direction: Venkataraman Balakrishnan 

Performed by Shakthi Ramani

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