Sordid, written by V Balakrishnan, won The Hindu Playwright Award 2019 and is set in a parched village in India where the concept of water-wives is common practice. It draws on two subjects that are historically common to most nations in the world – the shortage of water, and the inferior status of women in society. The production holds a mirror to the stark reality of how women, who are in most senses on the back-foot, face a severe deprivation of human rights and agency in a social milieu that is economically deprived, and faces shortage of basic resources.


The play revolves around a family that is desperate to resolve its water problem. It reflects the society we live in that has a multitude of issues, within which a family is trying to function.


The play premiered at Natarani, Ahmedabad in March 2020.

Language: English | Duration - 70 minutes | Age - 16+

Script, Design and Direction: V Balakrishnan 

Music Composition: Uma Nambudripad Sathya Narayanan 

Lights: Roshini Sridhar 



Aparna Kumar 

Meera Sitaraman 

Roshini Sridhar 


Shivangi Singh 

V Balakrishnan 

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