The performance


Vrikodara is a one-person show by Saravanan in Tamil, supported by the design and direction team of Theatre Nisha. It is a script that has been compiled from different sources, and is about Bheema. It reflects the plight of the Pandava as always being the middle one; one whose trials and tribulations need mention. If Bheema were asked about his life, what would he chose to edit out and what would he narrate? What he might chose to share fnally is what constitutes this play. When it is endeavoured to draw from the memories of the myths, one does indulge in time warp and new juxtapositions and fresh imagery is created, In that sense the script does not claim to toe the line of Vyasa's Mahabharata.


Duration: 60 minutes. 

V. Balakrishnan 
Ganapathy Murugesan
Srivaralaxmi 'Maya' 
Vishwa Bharath 
Meera Sitaraman

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