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Apradhini is a collection of stories about women who have been incarcerated for life for crimes including armed robbery, dacoity and murder. While guilty of their crimes, the author is astonished to hear the stories leading to these crimes being committed. These women have been beaten, abused and exploited by society, and sadly their attempts to regain some autonomy and liberation brought them to the attention of the law. Are their crimes heartless violations or a response to their untenable circumstances?

*Apradhini premiered as a two-hander at the 2022 Edinburgh Fringe Festival*


Upcoming shows:

Jan 20th at 7.30pm in Nottingham:

March 11th 2023 at Theatre Royal Bath's 'Elevate' Festival at 7.00 pm

Audience feedback from Burdall's Yard showcase in April 2022:


"Moving, lovely singing, and very evocative." - Anonymous

 "The stories of how these women were treated resonates whatever your nationality – here in the UK, in Ukraine; how much men have still to learn" - Pete W


Review from Edfringe 2022:


“Focused on the act of storytelling, bursting with emotion & beautiful costumes…” - Fringebiscuit


Audience feedback from Edfringe 2022:


“Excellent. Great 2 women [sic] show, telling the stories of women in prison. India's answer to the Orange is the new Black. Thoroughly recommend.” - Val G


“This is one not to miss. At times heartbreaking, at times very funny, but always engaging and utterly enchanting.” - Richard V


“Highly recommend seeing this show! Wonderful stories and the performers were engaging from start to finish. Make time for this!” - Stacey G


Feedback from shows at The Pen Theatre, London


“Stunning performances, masterfully told, and stellar production value. Truly a masterpiece.” - MJ


“Stunning and natural performances with impeccable storytelling. Keep your eyes peeled for this talent, they are bringing great things.” - Anonymous


“Incredible and important storytelling, beautiful direction, and spellbinding performances.” - The Pen Theatre


“What a great show! The execution and narration of the stories were fantastic. Very immersive set of stories that keeps you engaged.” - Sundar M



Set in a village in North Karnataka, in rural South India, Singarevva and the Palace is a tale narrated by maid and companion, Sheeningavva about Singarevva, a woman as fascinating and mysterious as the palace she lives in. It is the tale of a beautiful woman whose life is repeatedly commodified by the men that surround her.

This one-woman show showcases the rawness of Indian village life, where sexuality takes on a very different texture. The actor weaves the narrative by stepping into the roles of twelve different characters over the course of the play.

The costumes and music are based on traditional Indian folk performance styles including Bayalaata (traditional Indian folk dance) and Pandavaani (traditional Indian folk song). It also incorporates movement and a form of Indian stick fighting known as Silambam.

*Singarevva premiered at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival*


Upcoming shows:

Jan 21st at 7.30pm in Nottingham:

March 14th 2023 at Theatre Royal Bath's 'Elevate' Festival at 9.00 pm

Reviews from Edinburgh Fringe 2014:


"The monologue is vibrant and powerful, infused with traditional dances and songs from India which demonstrate Jamalamadaka’s considerable all-round talent." -'s Ben Horton.


"All life exists on this stage, in the beautiful and tortured expressions of its only protagonist." -'s Isobel Cockerell

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